The Birth Of The Dumbguzzler

Welcome to Dumbguzzler you dirty bastards. This website has one purpose and that’s to make you laugh, cringe maybe even think about something (rarely). But here’s is my thing with humor… Not everything is funny to everyone some people are cry babies and get offended because one persons joke is another persons heartache. Well boo hoo. If you don’t like it don’t expose yourself to it. While I’m sure there is still a large crowd of people waiting to see Cosby talkin about puddin pops the reality of it is humor takes many shapes.

Dumbguzzler’s vision is to spread into as much media as possible with blog, vlog, Podcast.  We’re not going to tell you we’re going to do it better, we’re just another.  We’re not trying to be groundbreaking, our format is everywhere.  In this day and age it’s not about innovation as much as competition.  As long as one person looks at the garbage we do and says “That was funny” then we’re doing what we love.  Which is be attention whores.

Our purpose is to put together a regular collection of all the stupid things we come across. Hopefully you will dig it if not, see ya later.


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