Manhattan Park 10 Hates Hot Girls

Playground Battle


New York must suck bad.  In a story that I am going to call, “Hot Girls vs the Unfuckables” we travel to Manhattan where there is a park.  I believe its called Park 10.  And this is placed in an area where people who NOBODY wants to be around live.  A place where soccer moms with too much money and dried out vagina like beef strips caught in a Jack Links dehydrator live.  It’s surely a place where people sip tea and stick out their pinky finger, perhaps have a smoking jacket and think that Bill Cosby is edgy.

In our Park 10 we have typical park activities, soccer games, yoga, walks, maybe a dog if that’s ok in dry vagina land.  But then all of a sudden the park was invaded by the She Devil!!!  You know the girls that can wear a bathing suit without looking a beached whale, a shameful dough ball of wasted life.

Pictured is 21 year old NYU Student Melissa DeBlasio at the time of her grossly wicked and reprehensible act of being a knockout on a sunny day in a park.  This blond bombshell demon had the nerve to strip down into a 2 piece bathing suit and TAN!!  It makes the kids uncomfortable the dry mommies say.  It isn’t classy the chud mothers chant.

Apparently 1 bedroom apartments go for about $3500 in this area.  I pay $900 for my 2800 sq foot white trash mansion and if my neighbors look at me wrong I take my top off.  Flash them these bloated man titties.  But if Melissa DeBlasio were in my back yard not only would my kids watch but I’m pretty sure my chick would rub oil on her….. Wait….. I need a minute…..

So today’s go fuck yourself goes to all the hateful, dried up, Manhattan soccer mommies.  With all the terrible images and garbage that your kids will see in a day, probably between you shuttling them off to daycare or a nanny while you enjoy your self-absorbed existence.   The simple fact of a young girl sun bathing gives you a reason to bitch shows that you are now too old to be allowed in public.  Go play bingo or fill a sock full of pennies and ride the bus to the casino you old crotchety Manhattan losers!!

On the other hand Thank You, Melissa DeBlasio for being hot and blond and willing to be hot and blond in public.  Maybe you’re totally uncool.  Maybe you’re going to end up with a Manhattan attitude like the yucky mommies trying to oppress.  But for today, you’re the hero.


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