Dumbguzzler Solo Podcast #Applebees Sucks, Herman Cain argues Trump Protest and Black Lives Matter with Megyn Kelly, and Tomi Lahren is really hot.

I’m starting to do more solo podcasts just so we can get content up regularly. I will label them as such in the event you dont like to hear me ramble without the funny fella.

This podcast is about my trip to the Minneapolis/St Paul area (Twin Cities) for a funeral and having to stop at an Applebees for dinner. I discuss how terrible the food was as well as the extreme body odor service we had. I also discuss how this chain stays alive when they’re known for being this terrible.


I also discuss Shocktop Beer and how damn amazing that stuff is. It’s now my favorite beer of all time and I’m making a formal request for Shocktop to make Dumbguzzler the official podcast of their product.


Also covered is a clip of Anti Trump protester from Chicago and a St Paul black lives matter activist discussing with Megyn Kelly and Herman Cain their reason for protesting Trump. Fox does a great job of pointing out to the protesters that they have no clue what they’re talking about and Herman Cain lets them have it about fighting for something they don’t understand.


On a side note I also discuss Tomi Lahren who is taking the political side of the internet by storm. She’s attracting a lot of attention because…. Well…. Cuz she’s damn hot. And then you find out she’s smart too.


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