Dumbguzzler Podcast, Kellyanne Conway Glamour Shots, Microwave Oven Camera, Jim Norton and Joe Rogan Netflix Specials, Alex Jones Alec Baldwin Boxing Match, Shia Labeouf Flag

On today’s DumbGuzzler podcast we disucss Kellyanne Conway and her Glamour Shots pictures as well as her claim of microwave ovens watching us. Mic 1 discusses his enjoyment for stand-up and his take on Jim Norton’s and Joe Rogan’s Netflix specials and Mic 2 says it’s shit cuz…. Mic 2… Mic 2 had a motorcycle accident. We talk about Alex Jones calling out Alec Baldwin to fight for 1 Million donated to charity. Finally we talked about the Shia Labeouf flag incident with the internet tracking down the flag.


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