T-Mobile Won’t Let You Piss


In my “So many employers suck donkey balls” story of the day, former T-Mobile employee and current people breeder Kristi Rifkin had to go potty.  She had to potty a lot.  If you’ve every been around a girl that’s preggers, they piss more than a beer swilling 80 year old man with a flared up prostate.  Compound this natural preggers side effect with the fact that she was having a bitch of a pregnancy (which included trips to a high risk OB) which ordered her to drink a lot of water, and you have one leaky broad.

So our company of the year “T-Mobile” said you get 2 15’s and a lunch, better pinch it off woman.  In the end it resulted in her having to get a doctors note saying “people need to pee when they need to pee”  She finally ended up having to bounce on to FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)  I assume so she could urinate. But when she returned to work they wasted no time in finding a reason to fire her.  No doubt because she was using the insurance and costing them money someplace.

T-Mobile must be in the wrong business.  They seem to have a fairly confident stance in their understanding of the human anatomy yet they cant seem to make cell phones work.

No real message to this story.  Anymore this really could have happened most anywhere.  I wonder if the Fug transparent T-Mobile girl had to pee when she was green screened on that sport bike in the crappy commercials.  I wonder if they needed Kristi on the phone more to take more calls about their shitty service rather than fixing the problem.

Ohh well, if you want you can read the rest of the story HERE………  But do it on your own fucking time.  Dont take your phone to the pisser and read it, you may get fired.


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