UC Santa Cruz 2lb $15000 Blunt Stolen By The Law

Look being a stoner isn’t easy. Not that I would know, I hate weed. But I do appreciate some dipshits doing dipshitty things just to get attention. I mean, I write a blog and just pray someone will say “Yay you’re fucking great man”

4:20 had more interesting stories this year that normal. Between the violence in Denver and this video below.
University of Santa Cruz students gathered on 4:20 day and put together a 2lb joint which was promptly conficated by Mr Law Man in what has been called a $15k joint.

So really, who the fuck has $15k in college for one joint. Students are dumber and dumber every year. That’s enough to smoke up like 3-5 philosophy students for like a week with snacks!!

Below is the video if you want to read more about it you can HERE…………

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