Miley Cyrus Twerking And Why You Should Care

So Miley Cyrus twerking on the MTV VMA’s has made the internet go fucking bonkers for the last several days. I’ve never understood the attraction to Miley, I don’t think she’s attractive, I don’t understand why people think’s she attractive, and she is a 3rd string vocalist at best.

From a physical perspective, other than having the body of youth on her side, there are several other girls that can’t really sing, that don’t look like Mr Ed. So then the issue of twerking. Twerking isn’t sexy, but because of hip hop video’s full of overweight women shaking their massive asses, mainstream media is supposed to think that the fucked up mating ass jiggling display is “hot”. I have big man tits, so is me jiggling my overweight man utters and telling people I’m sexy going to be a fad soon?

Why should you care? Go to YouTube and see how many young girls have twerking videos. YOUNG, like watching them twerking should land you on a fucking watch list. And this is how it starts. Miley had “has” tons of child fans and look to this talent-less ass and it ends in emulation. Now, while I agree with an artists right to express art however they wish, a comedian to say whatever they want without recourse, or just no censorship in general, I whole-heartedly disagree with everyone that is trying to make a buck off of nothing. That is why music is where it is, that is why we’re pummeled with music made for retards because its about a buck.

Now this isn’t much different than the Pussycat Dolls act that was just a few strands of fabric away from being a strip show, but there are some differences. First, they were sexy, and many of them were legitimate singers. And while their act was largely about selling sex, they didn’t act like drunk trailer whores. Or they at least made an attempt to be classy while being dirty. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that Miley is a dirty whore and the PCD are roses, but come on, look at the presentation. Miley has now reduced herself to Ke$ha and the worst thing is, Miley had Disney dollars to play with. She could still be riding that money train with a kids show and all the trimmings if her deal was inked right but now she looks like Mr Ed in flash dance clothes and yipping like ankle biter showing her intense need for pitch correction.

Who won?? Ben Affleck, i’m going to write another piece about that, but for just a few days, the world changed their tune from Fuck Affleck you fucking Batman ruin-er guy to fuck Miley. I’m an Affleck fan so at least I could be happy for him for that.


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